Saturday, June 9, 2012


Comment #1

The teacher I was assigned to was Silvia Tolisano. Silvia Tolisano's blog page is langwitches.

I commented on her post, Evaluating Apps with Transformative Use of the iPad in Mind. Silvia Tolisano post is about evaluating apps to make sure the apps are actually beneficial to the students, and making sure the students are not doing or working with pointless apps. Tolisano wants teachers to be more selective of the apps they choose for their students. She even puts evaluation sheet examples to what she uses on her blog to help teachers on what to search for when they are looking to see all they can get out of an app to help a student progress.

Silvia Tolisano

I commented on her post, by first introducing myself. I told her by me being a prospective new science teacher I find her post to be very beneficial for both teachers and students. I also said by using the information in this post not only can the teachers learn to find vital information to teach, students can do further research on topics given by the teacher and without wasting valuable teaching and studying time by using what she referred to as “crapware” apps.

Comment #2

I commented on her post, Talking at Cross Purposes.
In this post she is talking about cross purposes and what it means. Tolisano says people are at cross purposes when they do not understand each other because they are talking about different subjects without realizing it. She is saying teachers can take a little word like help and interpret it in two different ways, and this can be why teachers get frustrated with each other.

I commented by saying I loved the cartoon, she had a cartoon depicting what she was talking about. I told her I see people all the time with different views or meanings of the word help. Some think help means to get someone to do the work for them and others think it means to work together has one to get a task done. I also told her now I know what to call it when people view the same thing a different way without knowing it.

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  1. You should have a working link to Langwitch's Blog. See p. 12 of the Project Manual.

    Thanks for coming to the iSchool Initiative workshop last Monday.

    Langwitch's blog is one I always read! keep it up!