Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Blog Post #6

Randy Pausch Last Lecture

Wow! Randy Pausch is in better shape than me. In Pausch's last lecture he talks about three things, his childhood dreams; enabling the dreams of others; lessons learned. Dr. Pausch was a great motivational speaker, it's sad he had to leave us so soon, but like he said in his last lecture we are not here to talk about that. This video tells us what was his dreams were, and everything he did to pursue those dreams, and what Dr. Pausch learned while pursuing them. He did not make all his dreams a reality, but he did try his hardest to make it happen.

The first thing Dr. Pausch talks about is his childhood dreams. I think what he was saying is to go after your childhood dreams, well at least the ones that are somewhat realistic because we know being Superman is impossible. Dr. Pausch wants us to go after your dreams, and give it everything we got. For example, he wanted to do that zero gravity thing, but the thing said only students could go. He was willing to become a journalist just to do. Just because you cannot do something one way does not mean you cannot try a different approach at that dream or goal. Like Dr. Pausch said you are going to run into some brick walls but you cannot stop there.

Next thing he talks about is enabling others dreams. Dr. Pausch said in the video gave his students an assignment, and got back some outstanding work. He was so amazed that he had to ask another person for advice to how to approach the students in class the day about the assignment. Dr. Pausch said the person said tell the students they did a great job, but you know they can do better. What I got from that is never let your students settle, make your student want to out do his or her previous assignment. That is exactly how I want to do my students in the future, I want them constantly trying to top every assignment. Never let your students settle, make them bring out their best.

The last thing he talks about is lessons learned. He said he was able to reach his goals because of his parents being there to support him. A good supporting cast is always something good to have. Dr. Pausch states the teachers and mentors can also help guide you along to your dreams. He says always keep your drive, and I think that is some of the greatest advice you can give because your drive keeps you going. As I stated before it is sad that such a great person is gone, but his words still live on.

Dr. Pausch


  1. Hi Keilan!

    I definitely agree that this speech by Dr. Pausch was completely motivational. To know what he was facing and hear him speak with such a passion was just amazing.

    "Just because you cannot do something one way does not mean you cannot try a different approach at that dream or goal." I like this. Sometimes we just need to rethink our approach. Our dream may be attainable if we can rethink our method of achieving it.

    I also really enjoyed what you said about teaching your students to try and top every assignment. I think it is so important to encourage our students not to settle, but to continually push themselves.

    I look forward to reading more!
    Courtney Hieronymus

  2. Hey Keilan,

    Good job! I can see that you have learned some valuable things from Dr. Pausch! Make sure you put your alt and title modifiers on your pictures.


    Stephen Akins