Sunday, June 17, 2012

Blog Post #5

Part 1
iSchool initiative

Travis Allen’s video makes some outstanding points about iSchool being integrated into the schools. I too made an argument back in high school,about having laptops put into the classrooms of my high school. I had some of the same points as Allen did in his video about it costing less for the school and students; I also said it would be good for the going green campaign, saving the trees. Another point I made about having laptops is that it would help cut down on the kids carrying heavy bookbags back and forth. The students would stop complaining about their backs hurting from all the heavy lifting due to their backpacks. But you know what Allen did different from me, he put his views into action, while all I did was complain to my teachers and classmates.
I think Travis Allen is doing a great thing trying to get everyone to use the iSchool method, because it makes a lot of sense. The iSchool would fit perfectly in the schools, especially in this time period. I see a lot of more positive things coming out of this than negative. I’m with Travis Allen. The iSchool has it all in one device for one set cost, what can beat that?

Part 2

Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir was magnificent, 185 people on different computers singing all together just amazing. This was not my first time hearing of people making music or recording music online together. This is actually very popular among singers today. If two singers are in two different states they still can record a song together at the same time, because of technology which is a beautiful thing. Everyone does not have to be cramped up in one room or studio anymore. Technology is advancing and so is everything else.

Part 3

21st century

What Kevin Roberts is saying throughout his video Teaching in the 21st Century, is if all teachers can do is give students facts, formulas, dates, etc., the teacher's job is obsolete. Roberts is stating that students can get all the information they want from the internet at anytime and anywhere. Roberts wants to know are we as educators showing students how to take the information the students are finding and using it to help them figure things out. I feel Roberts is right, kids can get information whenever they feel like it. If teachers are giving the same information that students can find online and not showing them how to apply it to anything then yes teachers are pointless. I know the information is out there and so does the students, but with me being a future teacher just showing the kids it is out there is not good enough. I need to help the students to develop skills that will help them to put the information they get to good use and I think I am ready for that.

Part 4

Why I Flipped My Classroom was a great example on how I feel all teachers should do their classrooms. I love Katie Gimbar's approach to get all her students involved. Personally I like teachers that post videos or give worksheets so students can look over the material before they get to class. This makes more time for answering questions in the classroom as Ms. Gimbar said she has more time to go around and help students individually because all students are not learning at the same rate. Her videos are also another great thing she added because all students do not learn at the same rate, but with the videos they can pause and rewind as they please. I plan on using a method similar to Katie Gimbar. For example, posting videos, and letting students know what is coming up next in class so they can gone head and research the objectives of the next lesson for themselves. This is an awesome video for teachers to learn from.


  1. Yes, I think that Travis idea is great. But already completing my student teaching , I feel the students would have a very hard time keeping up with it. I do believe that every student should have their own computer at their desk. I believe the computer should be linked in the smart board. I just have the experience of being in the classroom and students can't even keep up with pencils. So, I dont believe this is "real world".
    Yes, the singing was great!
    I do like the fact of what Mr. Roberts was saying about adding math facts that students can look up and get extra instruction. I have a huge about having too much personal information out there. I don't like nor agree with everyone being goggled. I am a mother and I have privacy issues.
    The "Flip My Classroom" what I great idea. However, I do not believe this is "real life". I don't believe that the strugglers are going to go home and watch their teacher try to teach more things. These students are pushed so hard at school. Who wants to come home and have a couple of more hours of school? I am a parent. I know we have things to do after school.The only students that are going to watch these are the straight A's students. But you have a great attitude and I like your ideas. You know what they say everyone has an option!

  2. I totally agree with you about the "Flip My Classroom" video. That is a great idea to not only get the students more involved but it would also help parents become more engaged with their child's learning process. Previewing the work before class will mentally prepare students for their daily objective. this will only promote success in the classroom.

  3. Hey Keilan,

    Good post! I think that it is great that you had a similar idea to Travis Allen's. There are so many ways to use technology in the classroom, and i think Travis has a very simple easy solution to many of the problems that our schools face today.

    Good job with your links! You still need to and your alt and title modifiers to your picture.

    Stephen Akins