Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Blog Post #8

This video had some great things in it but it did not grab my attention.


  1. Oe sentence does not a blog post make. Unsatisfactory.

  2. Hello Keilan, my name is Jamie Cunningham and we are in EDM together. I see that you found the video boring. I had to watch the video three times and take notes to understand the key concepts. I feel if he showed his face during the video it would have been a little more interesting. I find it amazing that people are able to do a research assignment without searching through books at a library. We are able to Google anything!! I also watched a video about a girl who procrastinated doing her work and she was not able to do the work independently.. It was interesting.. Also there was a scavenger hunt assigned for this blog post. I decided to do a poll for that assignment feel free to check it out on my blog.. Look forward to meeting you in class!!