Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Blog Post #2

1. Did You Know? 3.0 - A John Strange 2012 Version

did you know

Watching the video Did You Know by John Strange really showed me how America is falling behind in education. The facts in the video were hard to take knowing that Americans have more technological advances that other countries, such as the availability of computers in homes, school, and libraries. The video clearly shows us how we are not using technology to the fullest. Although America seems like it’s on the incline in technological advances, we are on the decline in the field of education.

At the end of the video John Strange asked, “Are you ready to be an educator?” My answer to this question is yes. I believe I can teach kids through the use of technology. I can show students how to use technology for more than entertainment purposes. I want to help America climb back up the educational ranks, because education is key.

2. Mr. Winkle Wakes by Mathew Needleman

Mr. Winkle Wakes is a great example to how technology changes things over time. Just imagine if you fell asleep for hundred years and woke up, you will be just as unfamiliar with the world has Mr. Winkle was. Growing up I have seen technology change things all around me from CDs to mp3 players, to push to start cars, to touch screen computers.

In the video after all of Mr. Winkle wondering he heads to a school and goes into a classroom. Mr. Winkle is familiar with the classroom, it is similar to the way when he was growing up. Mr. Winkle notices an object in the back of the classroom collecting dust. He does not know what it is, it is a laptop. Outside the classroom he notices everyone had a laptop. This illustrates how classes are today in America, and how it is not progressing with the outside world, when it comes to technological advances. Majority of the population goes to school, so why not have up to date technology in the classroom?

3. Sir Ken Robinson: The Importance of Creativity
I agree with Ken Robinson schools are killing creativity. The public school system is putting so much emphasis on math and language arts, that it gives students no sense of creativity or originality. Mr. Robinson makes a great point when he talks about how can students come up with something original if they are not allowed to explore what is out there.

If everyone is lead to become an educator, where are our next artists, dancers, etc. going to come from? Mr. Robinson says how can teachers teach for the future if they do not know what the future holds. We as educators need to look at students as a whole being by exploring their interest, abilities, and likes, rather than just their math and reading scores. A bubble answer sheet cannot measure a student’s creative ability.

4.Class Disruption
Class #1
Teacher is energetic
Using up to date equipment
Using resources students are familiar with

Class #2
Shows no interest in the students
Outdated equipment

After watching the video I would prefer to take the first teacher’s class, he looks as though he is more knowledgeable about his subject, and he also has updated equipment. Not only is the second teacher’s attitude depressing, the classroom looks depressing. A majority of my classes have been like class two, a chalk board, a teacher, and four walls, and the only reason a computer is in the classroom is to record grades. I have even had a lot of teachers like the second teacher; do not even take the time to learn your name. The first teacher goes around and works with every student individually and also communicates with his students on Facebook and Twitter.

I think more students should want to take classes like the first teacher’s class, because they can really benefit from the different resources he uses. The students will also be given the opportunity to work with equipment that they use at home and in the work place such as computers. The teachers should strive to be like the first teacher, showing his students that Twitter can be used for more than saying hey to your friend. The first teacher knew by keeping up with technology, that Facebook and Twitter were currently the popular things among his students , and he knew this by keeping himself up to date with technology.


  1. All of these videos really showed how far behind education is compared to the rest of the world. It showed how our lack of technology allows other countries to have a higher rate of honor students. Mr. Winkle was sleep for a hundred years but I am sure that even if a person only slept for ten years they would be just as behind. Today's world is Full of growing technologies and we must keep up. When watching "Classroom Disruption" I had mixed feelings. I liked the idea of the students being able to contact and interact with the teacher via the common social networking sites of today. I was not too thrilled about having a computer sitting in from of each of my students. I think it may be a distraction. I do believe that technology is needed to a certain extent though.

  2. Hey Keilan,

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