Sunday, July 15, 2012

C4T #4

I was assigned John T. Spencer's blog, education rethink.

John T. Spencer

Comment #1
In this blog post John T. Spencer is talking about his PLN, and what it means to him. He goes on in the blog post talking about the people he was able to meet through his PLN in person, and the wonderful time they had. Mr. Spencer was thankful for the people he met, because if it was not for his PLN, he would not know some of the people he knows today. I commented by saying Dr. Strange had us working on our PLNs in class, and PLNs are very beneficial. Mr. Spencer replied back by saying it took him years to get his PLN to where it is now.

Comment #2
I really enjoyed this blog post. In this post Mr. Spencer gives his eleven reasons to why teachers do not use technology. All his reasons were very informative. I commented by saying his reason #7 was the reason I believe most teachers do not use technology. Teachers are sticking to what they are familiar with and know work. I also stated that a workshop going over these reasons would be great for some teachers. You may never know, the workshop may change the way they view technology in the classroom.

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