Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Blog Post #10

I'm a Papermate. I'm a Ticonderoga.


This cartoon reminds me of the old mac vs pc commercials. The cartoon is comparing pencils, and I think the cartoon does a great job in doing that. Personally I prefer papermate, because as the cartoon depicts it is cheaper, but they don't always break on me. The cartoon is right about ticonderoga pencils and people buying them just to be hip; I know people like this.

Part 2

Why were your kids playing games was something similar to what I plan on doing when I become a teacher. I was planning to play some games with the students, pertaining to the lesson, so they can better comprehend it. This may all change if the principal comes down on me like the principal came down on Tom. I think Tom had a great idea making his class play a game, makes the students more interested in the lesson. The principal just don't understand.

The other post I read was banning books. I thought this post by Mr. Spencer was hilarious. This post is about the Book Banning Committee banning books they think would be inappropriate for kids. The Book Banning Committee gives him the list of books they are banning, and Mr. Spencer asks why they are banning certain books. Every time he asks them why they decided to get rid of a book, the committee gives him a reason. For example, he asks why are they going to ban Mark Twain, the committee tells him because Mark Twain won't use his real name so you cannot trust him. So Mr. Spencer keeps asking why they are banning some of the books and they keep giving him these ridiculous answers. So finally, Mr. Spencer says he has a book that talks about a man who tells people to abandon their family, is brutally murdered and then his friend commits suicide, and he is also friends with hookers. He asks them do they want to also ban this book, and of course they say yeah. They want to know what the title is, and he tells them the Bible. I think this is where the funny part comes into play, to see their faces when he said that had to be priceless.

Don’t teach your kids this stuff. Please?

Scott McLeod post is some what clever. You have to think before you comment on this post. In this post McLeod talks bad about technology, just giving you the negatives about it. I can tell by some of the comments I read people do not understand this post, and continually keep talking technology down. At the end of the post he clearly states he has his kids involve in technology, and by doing this they will be ahead in the future. McLeod wants us to teach our kids about technology, but in a positive way.

Scott McLeod is a man of a lot of things, click here to found out.


  1. Very well done. You understood it all!

  2. Hey Keilan, My name is Mary Anderson and I've been assigned your blog this week. After Dr. Strange's explanation of the "Papermate vs. Ticonderoga" on the EDM blog, I agree that you understood it! I on the other hand, not exactly. I interpreted it totally different. I'm glad you're hoping to be an active teacher with your students. Kids love playing games and being silly so, I think incorporating games within your lesson plan is a wonderful idea. Just keep in mind that you should always teach them the "quiet" trick before anything as I can imagine they might become rambunctious once in a while :)I'm glad we read two different posts by Mr. Spencer because his writing style is so unique so, I was really excited to click the link and read your suggested post. I would recommend that you take a look at "Remember'>">Remember Pencil Quests". That is the post I read and it's super cute!!!I also enjoyed going to Scott McLeod's page because I think he's a really good advocate for making sure all administrators in the education field are up-to-date with any and all technology advancements. His CASTLE'>">CASTLE BLOG is really informative as well.Other than minor grammatical details ( such as using commas to show pause) that I look for in everything, I think you did an excellent job with your post. Congrats on nailing the point of the cartoon.