Sunday, July 8, 2012

Blog Post #11

I think it is wonderful how Ms. Cassidy's class is already working on blogs in the first grade. I see why Dr. Strange says if a third grader can do it, we can do it. She is doing a great job starting the kids off early with using technology in the classroom, and some of the kids probably already use computers at home. I also think Ms. Cassidy's students are having a blast making videos; I never made a video coming up through grade school. Seeing themselves on the computers has to be exciting to all or most of them, and also gets the students more involved in the lesson.
Keilan Yancey

I going to be a secondary science teacher, and I plan on using blogs and making videos in my classroom. I think this approach would be great for the students, especially the making of the videos. I think the making of the videos would be great for labs and projects we do in class. It would be a great way to keep the student's attention; I know I keep saying this, but how can you teach a student if you don't have their attention? Videos will play an important role in my classroom. One problem that might occur from trying to make videos is the time. Will I have enough class time trying to let everyone use the camera, or would I have to have multiple cameras? I think I am going to have to do a few test trials to see how things are going to workout. Don't want to spend a whole class period trying to edit a video.

Ms. Cassidy's approach is awesome, and I hope she keeps it up. I like how she is telling the students to only use their first name online, as she stated in the interview. It is great Ms. Cassidy is saying this, because we do have to remember they are kids using the internet. I know this is off topic, but I love the view of her backyard, wish it would snow like that in Mobile. Ms. Cassidy is doing an outstanding job with her students, cannot say that enough.


  1. Hey Keilan!

    I think videos would be great in a science classroom! Since you are one of the few science teachers I know that have came through edm, check out Project Noah and tell me what you think!

    Good job,

    Stephen Akins

  2. Heyyyyyyy Keilan! It's my honor to have you 2 wks in a row for our C4C and just like last week, I share your same views. In blog post #11 I voiced my hopeful use of blogs within my classroom. I'm an elementary education major and when I first started EDM I was weary of involving little ones with so much technology. After a few weeks I heard Dr. Strange say something along the lines of "if a 3rd grader can do it...." and I'm thinking, "ok, cool. This could work. 3rd grade is a great age; let's throw them into the pool!!" After watching Ms. Cassidy's 1st! How amazing are those kids?
    With you majoring in secondary sciences I imagine you may have 90 minutes, 5 day/wk (if you work in a school with block scheduling) with students so using a camera to film projects, experiments, etc shouldn't be a huge issue especially if it's a group effort. You could allow your students to film their group with a cell phone, and as part of the project have them upload the video to your class blog. When you have them all you could then create a compilation of all the projects :)

    Hope the idea helps!!
    Mary Anderson

    p.s. love the picture!!!

  3. Great website you suggested Stephen, don't hesitate to give me more. I can use all the help I can get.

    Thanks, I can use this in the future.