Wednesday, July 4, 2012

C4T #3

I was assigned Denise Krebs, blog Dare to Care.

Comment #1

I commented on Krebs's blog post about leaving comments. Her post was about people being scared to leave comments on blog posts because they are scared to be judge or they do not know how to. This post was for people to have a safe zone for commenting as Krebs stated. She said she will be willing to help people learn or comment better on blog posts.

I started off by doing what Dr. Strange always say to do; introduce myself and tell her about our class blog. Afterwards I stated how it was a coincidence how I was assigned to leave a comment about a post, and the post is about leaving comments. I was wondering the odds of that. I told her I was new to commenting, because I did not start leaving comments online until I got into EDM310. This was one of my favorite post to comment on thus far.

Denise Krebs

Comment #2
The next post I commented on was Krebs's post about her PLN. In this post she was thanking her PLN members for their comments, and wanting to know how they benefit from their PLNs. I told her PLNs is very beneficial,and Dr. Strange has us working on them in class as we speak. I also told Krebs about my blog, because she wanted to know if I had one.


  1. Hi Keilan,
    I found your blog! Thanks for leaving the URL. I hope you continue to build your PLN in this important class you are taking with Dr. Strange.

    You did the same thing that I sometimes do when I'm typing fast on an email--spell my name Densie! I'm always afraid I'll accidentally submit my email or comment with that spelling, now you've done it too! :)



    1. Sorry about that I will correct it right away.

  2. Very good. And you got a response and corrected your mistake. Ms. Krebs should be in your PLN!