Sunday, July 15, 2012

Blog Post #13


Back To the Future
Brian Crosby is doing a great thing with his class. I like how he has a student that is at home, but can still participate in class activities. Mr. Crosby shows other teachers across the world how to do experiments. He has all of his students blogging at a young age, that will benefit them greatly. Overall, Brian Crosby is an instructor who has done a great job in incorporating technology into the classroom.

A Vision of Students Today was a very enlightening video. If I was an educator watching this video, I would first take notes on how to improve my classroom for the students. The students told you what they go through, now it is time to act on it. If I was an educator I would check to make sure that the work I assign to my students has a purpose, and is not just busy work. I would also check to see if I'm making my students buy textbooks that they are not using in the classroom, and if they are I would change that right away. It is not fair to the student to make he or she buy hundred dollars worth of books not to be used.

Educators should have no excuse saying they cannot get feedback from the students about the classroom, because the video clearly depicts it is possible. The video had students stating how long they be on Facebook, so the teacher should start looking on how to incorporate Facebook into the classroom, or some form of outside the classroom communication. If I'm an educator watching this video I'm making sure technology is used somehow in my classroom, because only having a chalkboard is not going to cut it. I think this video was a nice selection by Dr. Strange.

How Will You Teach me in the 21st Century
The graduate student at Full Sail University is saying teach the kids technological tools; we use them so why don't the students use them. What I want my students to know is this is the information era, answers to their questions is just one click away. Second I want my students to be able to do things I was not able to do growing up. Blogging, Twitter, and etc, but use these tools for educational purposes too. I would have never thought Facebook would help me in my EDM310 class, but it did. I want my students to have experienced using technology, because they are using technology in the real world. I want my students to know something about technology so the world does not leave them behind. Finally I would reflect on how time has changed, and if I was using Melinda Kraft's approach I would do this by pulling up pictures from classes in the past. Then I would take pictures of classes of the present to show how the classroom has come a long was with technology involved in it. I can reflect on how more things can get accomplished in the classroom now due to technology.

Dorothy Burt's Video

I totally agree with Ms. Burt's standards about what teachers should be able to do. I'm not even a teacher yet and I can do all what is listed on her list. I believe I have the skills to do all what Ms. Burt demands. School systems in the United States may want to take a look at this blog post; this would be some good guide lines for teachers to follow.

Exemplar of Students Work with Video
Miles Webb is showing everyone can use technology, it is not limited. I personally loved the video, and I think Carlton did a great job. Making this video may help Carlton improve in ways we could not imagine. The video shows how truly dedicated the teacher is.

Jenny She's class is using iPads. The kids are really going to enjoy that. Click here to find out more about Jenny She.


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